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The Gabriel Jobs Events Solutions Division is staffed by a talented group of individuals that are passionate about making events extraordinary for its clients via meticulous planning, cutting-edge tactics, and unwavering attention to detail. We lay out each step for you to follow, allowing you and your company to focus on what matters most.

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Event Design

As your meeting's advisors, we put you through a series of activities designed to put yourself in your stakeholder's shoes so you can see how your event benefits them. After the design phase is complete, you may choose which prototype to refine further.


Creative and Branding

Find ways to set your gathering apart from others. All of the materials will be designed to help you achieve your event's and group's objectives.



The success of your event planning relies on your ability to centralize all relevant information in one location. Our product for organizing events accomplishes just that. We then create a detailed Event Specifications Guide with all the requirements for catering, AV equipment, and event setup.


Onsite Coordination

When you're onsite, it's all about the customers. We can help with that. Managing the physical space is a burden, but we'll shoulder it so you can concentrate on the people in your life.

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